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Wire mesh

The metal grid is the optimal solution for the construction of roads, houses and greenhouses. Usually a metal mesh option is used in the formation of the foundation, structures made from reinforced concrete, in decorative and facade works, or in the construction of fences.


Metal mesh options fall under the following parameters:

- specifications;

- properties of exploitation;

- material;

- features of manufacturing;

- dimension and type of cell;

- quality;

- price.

There are 8 main types of metal mesh on the market:

woven - performs various functions and has a wide range of uses;

the chain-link - a protective design, fixing and reinforcing material;

geogrid - roadway strengthening;

masonry - brickwork reinforcement;

plastering - the basis for plastering the walls;

galvanized – anti-corrosion;


TsPVS - has the special form and is used for front floorings finishing.

Metal nets are used in various fields - construction, processing, agriculture, gold mining, aviation and others. It can be used for applications, such as: plastering, strengthening, filtering, drying, sieving, fixing and protection. Some items from our catalog are used to strengthen the walls, ceilings and other monolithic structures of reinforced concrete.


The metal grid price is based on the material properties, such as resistance to corrosion and frost, and its ability to withstand significant temperature fluctuations, while maintaining an aesthetic appearance. We are responsible for the quality of our products and guarantee its long-life span.  

Our advantages

Customers prefer to deal with the Promtechstroy because we sell all our products directly and at the lowest compatible price in the market. Nowadays, it is possible to order metal grids from our catalogue online with almost any specific characteristics (sizes, wire pitch, and so on). Ordering online is extremely simple and it does not take much time. The “Callback" function available on our website, also allows the company to contact you if any clarification is required. Our company has gained a reputation of a reliable supplier and has established its own solid permanent customer data base since 2008. Moreover, we do not engage in any fraudulent activities against the clients, nor do we ever disrupt the supply line.

Finally yet importantly, there is a delivery service available for any region within a country. You can also order metal grids at wholesale and/or retail bargain prices.

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