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If you need a metal fence, please contact the Promtehstroy Trading House. Our qualified staff will help you choose the best option, as well as, advice about lucrative offers and delivery methods.


Obvious advantages of a metal fence include but not limited to:

- Durability;

- Prompt installation;

- Equal price-quality ratio;

- Ease of maintenance;

- Resistance to temperature changes;

- Resistance to ultraviolet radiation;

- Environmental friendliness;

- Its protective properties.

This is the best option for those who appreciate comfort and aesthetics as it has an attractive architectural element to it that will fit into almost any landscape design. It will effectively mark the boundary of the area and also give it a cozy, complete look. 


We offer fences from canned mesh, profile pipe, profiled sheet and sectional. These are the most popular options for fencing particularly for private areas. For any such metal fence, the price is relatively low, and the installation time is reduced to a minimum. Thus, the client saves both time and money. In addition, you can independently select the installation height and thereby adjust the level of noise and dust entering the territory enclosed by a fence.


Fence installation is done manually or with some special equipment that fixes the frame in the ground. It is usually performed by a group of specialists in a short time depending on the area . They mount the pillars first then install the panels. The metal fence is an investment that guarantees high-quality fencing for many years.


Metal fences are used for fencing private property (cottages, summer cabins, country houses, etc.), as well as for fencing public buildings and construction sites. There are two types of metal fences - forged and welded. They, in turn, are divided into deaf and cross-cutting. The price varies depending on the type. The ‘deaf’ types are more expensive option due to additional plating elements. If you need an inexpensive and yet still reliable option, turn your attention to the welded construction using stamped or forged add-ons.

The following parameters should be considered which determine the price of metal fences:

- Cell size;

- Weight;

- Anti corrosion protection option;

- The diameter of the wire;

- Sheet thickness;

- Coverage.

Usually the metal fence is covered with a polymer paint or zinc, but there are alternatives. Before ordering a metal fence, check with the Promtehstroy online platform sales consultants for details.

When working with us, you receive several advantages:

- absence of intermediaries;   

- affordable pricing;

- prompt deliveries.

Our company values ​​its reputation; hence we only sell certified products that meet international quality standards. 

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